Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson has been the image director for A Lab on Fire® since 2013. Her photos play a key part in shaping and expanding the brand’s visual identity. Laura is also currently involved in the visualization of S-perfume®, the ‘older sibling’ brand to A Lab on Fire®.

Laura grew up in Arizona where she developed a love for desert light, sights, and smells. She also studied dance which laid a foundation for her understanding and appreciation of movement.

Laura went on to study photography at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where she discovered a love of storytelling through photography and learned to create images that are both cinematic and mysterious. She found her most interesting work full of texture and a fragmented sense of narrative.

Laura is inspired by the voice of A Lab on Fire® perfume and loves helping to create the stories that each scent tells. Each bottle is a planet in the kinetic universe of the growing brand, traveling to new places and meeting new people. Laura creates the images that expand and complement the narrative of these scents, bringing a new dimension to them.

Laura currently lives in Los Angeles. See more of her work at