Shown above are some of the creations by Maurice Roucel for other brands.

Shown above are some of the creations by Maurice Roucel for other brands.

Maurice Roucel


Symrise’s Master Perfumer, genuine artist Perfumer, sensual aesthete of the exclusive raw materials. He started his career at Chanel, where he spent 6 years and discovered the mysteries of Haute-Parfumerie. His work is a unique combination of creativity, passion and expertise.

The fragrance industry has recognized him with numerous accolades and awards and since 2011, Maurice Roucel is Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.

What gives you the greatest sensory pleasure? 

My greatest pleasure is when something appeals to and satisfies all of my senses. I am a multisensory person. I love music, love to eat and drink well, love beautiful fabrics and textures, and of course I love scents more than anything else. I think if I had to do without any of my senses, I could probably give up the ability to see most easily – although, wait, what am I saying? I love seeing beautiful landscapes, beautiful people and especially beautiful women! 

Where do you personally find inspiration? 

Everywhere, all the time. It's like they say: inspiration feeds inspiration. It’s like a muscle that has to be kept strong. I can’t go through life anymore without allowing myself to be constantly inspired. Just walking around can be enough – being open, letting yourself encounter different things, people and moods.

What would be the most memorable creation in your life, why?

Not an easy question. Maybe K de Krizia, an Italian Fashion designer fragrance launched in 1982. This fragrance remained on the market 30 years which is today unthinkable. Lots of perfume disappear 3 years after their launch.

How would you complete this sentence? “making a perfume is like …

… A LOVE STORY of course ! ." I like spending time in the company of someone else and need a partner in the creative process – who is on the same page as I am. I enjoy it, and it inspires me to work within a team; it’s a matter of trust, intensity, life, intuition. It’s a lot like love: doing it alone goes against human nature. And "taking matters into your own hands" is not a real alternative. If the two of us have poured love into the perfume we have created together, we will create something wonderful…

Any childhood olfactive memories?

I was born in Cherbourg, France.  When my mom would take me to the beach, I remember the smell of the sunscreen from L’Oreal, baraques a frites (kiosks for French Fries, ices, etc). My grandmother wore 'Soir de Paris' by Yves Rocher, but the formula is very different, it’s a bad imitation now.

If you weren't a perfumer you would be…

An explorer, but not geographical; I would chart new ideas and theses. Theories like Einstein. I wanted to do this as young man. But I was a bad boy.

(Bio & interview provided by Symrise)

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Maurice Roucel is the nose behind A Blvd. Called Sunset.