And The World Is Yours®

And The World Is Yours®
And The World Is Yours®
And The World Is Yours®
And The World Is Yours®
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And The World Is Yours®


No one can know me. Nothing can hold me. The warm night air, summer turning spring over, white flowers glowing. Once I found my world cold and slack, so I claimed it. My power, sculpted from silver and gold, musk and royalty, created a new reality. Raised my arms to take the sun and bathe in it. I made the delicate world sovereign...and the world is yours.


Top~ Néroli ess, Cumin ess, Abs Fleur d’Oranger
Mid~ Rose ess Turque LMR, Héliotrop accord
Dry~ Sandalwood ess, Vanille Gousse CO2 LMR, Abs Fêve Tonka, Baume Tolu

Olfactive Family

Floriental orange flower tonka


Gorgeous, chic


Dominique Ropion

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