Laurent Le Guernec

Laurent Le Guernec

Laurent Le Guernec was born near Paris in January 1967. Although Laurent was not consciously aware of the world of perfumery as a profession growing up, he certainly was subliminally. He recalls seeing his mother and grandmother surrounded by beautiful fragrance flacons applying and reapplying perfume everyday. His revelation about becoming a Perfumer occurred while studying Chemistry at the University of Paris and he learned about the renowned perfumery school, Institut Superieur International de Parfums, Cosmetiques et Arômes Alimentaires (ISIPCA) in Versailles, France. Inspired by his grandfather who was a craftsman and an artist, he decided to become a perfumer.

During his perfumery studies, Laurent Le Guernec worked for Laboratoire Monique Remy in Grasse, one of the leading naturals raw material manufacturers in the industry. This rare opportunity allowed him to master the use of natural raw materials which has led to an incredible gift particularly with floral notes In 1991, he had the opportunity to move to the US to work for Fragrance Resources and to learn the American Market. During that time he worked closely with their leading perfumer Pierre Bourdon. Laurent’s mentors also include Givaudan’s Master Perfumer, Jean Claude Elena. From there, his association with Mane fragrances allowed him to design such creations as FIFI award winning Michael by Michael Kors and the Bond No. 9 fragrances. Currently, he is creating for International Flavor and Fragrances, concentrating on fine fragrances.

At first glance, Laurent’s style is one that could be perceived as reserved, but none the less he has proven himself to be a quiet force that has quickly risen to the top. Laurent’s perfumery is bright, crisp and precise. He has the unique ability to merge his passion for detail and knowledge of French classic perfumery with an American contemporary touch – hence his global appeal. His French background predisposes him to savor tastes and smells and to linger over them. Also a visual person, Laurent is inspired by pictures, individual flowers, bouquets, and the colors that comprise them. He brings this heightened awareness and appreciation for art, creation and aesthetics into all he creates.

Almost a Dorian Gray of perfumery, the secret of Laurent’s soul lies in each of his creations to which he brings passion and life, He is always searching for new sensations as the senses feed the soul and the soul allows us to appreciate the senses.

Perfume in fact is Laurent’s way to help consumers to achieve their deepest wish, endless youth and sensuality…

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Laurent Le Guernec is the nose behind My Own Private Teahupo‘o and Paris*L.A..